Aglarond...Adventures in the Unapproachable East

A Long, Slow Journey

“Series was a proud battlerager. Series gave his life to protect others, always willing to stand in the front lines with his twin axes and fight the good fight. For those who did not know him, he was gruff, dirty, foul-mouthed and overly flirtatious. But to us, he was a friend, a Barbarian filled with enough rage to take down a orcish war party. If Daggerford was a city of Orcs, Series would walk right in and try to fight them all. Series cared for all of us, Clangeddin Silverbeard would be proud, he will be missed.”

Out in the fields north of Daggerford, a service was being held for one of the greatest Dwarves I’ve ever known. And as the final eulogy presented by Solar Grey, the proud elven paladin stepped down from the fields and walked with Camille the Drow monk out of the ceremony and made their way to the local tavern to have some well deserved drinks. The “Heroes” so they were called by Randal Morn years ago would enjoy each other’s company and share stories about the Mighty Series the Giant Killer. How he would stand up to giants with his axes and chop them down one by one. At times Solar would weep as she told stories to Camille. At times they were tears of joy, some times tears of sorrow. Either way, the two of them would stay up all night with a glasses of Firewine and chat the night away. It saddened me to watch the two females grieve, but they knew they had to move on. One of them mentioned a country to the east called Aglarond. Where there is trade, sea, adventure, and evil to take care of. So the two females went to their quarters, backed their things and set course to the east.

The two females go to the local wizard to purchase some flying mounts.

“Two griffons please, one for me and my friend the monk”

The wizard scoffed at the offer, as if Solar insulted the wizard.

“I don’t deal with the dark elves, and you scum are not allowed here!”

And as Solar was about to open her mouth a gruff, gutteral voice speaks from behind them.

“Me lady is askin’ for ye griffons, ye better sell them to her or me axes will start a choppin, and make it three…one for meself!”

Camille’s eyes widened at the voice, it sounded so familiar, she spun around. Camille and Solar saw a dwarf, a very pale dwarf with a full face helm made out of a Dire Bear’s head, a regular bear’s head couldn’t have fit the stout dwarf.

Series returns!

“Me needs a drink, I haven’t had me ale in 3 days, I’ve never been a day’s worth without me ale!”

The females embraced Series for what seemed like hours, their friend who they adored has returned.

Something strange about Series, Solar thought. She saw him die, the old dwarf was raging, fighting until he finally perished from natural causes, what could bring him back? Then she remembered and immediatly, and drew her sword.

“Remove your helm Series, or I’ll be forced to bring the wrath of Angarradh upon you.”

Series, without hesisation, removed his helm. To reveal his braided beard, pale skin and milky eyes.

“Me lass, the Raven Queen took me away from Clangeddin’s halls, me guesses my work here is not done yet. I am but meself, just no more females.”

Solar lowered her sword, and broke a smile. She did not detect any lies, and turned back to the wizard.

“Three griffons please.”

The Heroes ride again. And I shall follow them, the three have no idea what they are in for.

To be continued.

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