As of 1372 DR, Aglarond’s population, numbering somewhere around 1,300,000, was mostly made up of humans, though one third were half-elves and a fair number elves. Over the course of the century since, the local tiefling population has swelled, due to the large number of refugees fleeing from Thay, particularly in the cities of Escalant, Glarondar, and Citadel Dantalien. Many dragonborn have also come to Aglarond from neighboring lands and both genasi and halflings are found in large numbers in Delthuntle, Veltalar, and Furthinghome.


The humans of Aglarond are regarded as trustworthy and hardworking, living simple lives from agriculture, fishing and herding livestock. Traditionally humans have kept close to Aglarond’s coastal cities, since these were the first founded by them in the 750s DR, when human colonists first arrived.

Originally, human colonists arriving in Aglarond were Untherites from Chessenta, but these were soon joined by settlers and adventurers from other parts of Faerûn. The average height of an Aglarondan female is 157cm (5’2") and a male 173cm (5’8"). They are hardy, tough people with blue or brown eyes.

Eastern Aglarondan humans dress in bright colored tunics and trousers embroidered with black thread. They wear bracelets, circlets, rings, necklaces and earrings made from bronze or silver. Those in the west owe much of their culture to the pirates who originally inhabited these areas. They dress in contrasting colors, donning headbands and bandanas, or wear plain brown or white tunics. Jewelery here is simple and inexpensive, including brooches, earrings, nose-rings and necklaces.

The average Aglarondan has no concern for magic as part of everyday life, instead regarding it as best wielded by those in power. A number of Aglarondan monarchs in the Olósynne Dynasty were powerful spellcasters, but regular people with these powers are viewed with disdain. Any young children who show a particular gift for magic are recruited as apprentices by the Simbul, becoming members of the Simbul’s Children.


The Aglarondan half-elf population is mainly concentrated in and around the Yuirwood. They are a copper-skinned people, amongst whom about half have pointed ears. There is a large range of outlooks amongst the half-elves. Those who live on the outskirts of the Yuirwood, nearer to the human settlements, have a more tolerant approach and have adopted human traditions, such as living in houses. Those half-elves living deeper in the Yuirwood are in touch with their elven ancestry, preferring to live the elven way, in small communities, or as hunter-gatherers. Most half-elves either support or accept the human presence in Aglarond, but there is rumored to be a small group who are in favor of wiping them out.

Many of the half-elves, and the wild elves they share their homes with, distrust and question the authority of the Simbarch Council that has ruled Aglarond since 1425 DR, though it was only recently (as of 1479 DR) that their worries shifted from the ex-zulkirs of fallen Thay.

Magic among the half-elves is widely practiced; more so among the inhabitants of the Yuirwood. Some of the nomadic tribes still use totemic magic.

Half-elven dress is similar to humans in the areas near human settlements, and even so in parts of the Yuirwood. In the other parts, the half-elves dress more like wild elves, with fur, loincloths and tattoos.


As of 1368 DR, the halfling population of Aglarond was limited to a few hundred, concentrated on farmland in the area surrounding Mesring in the east. They were well-liked by both the humans and the half-elves. There is little to no evidence the halfling population has changed substantially since.


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