Aglarond’s isolation and its long history of sieges by Thay have made the once-trusting Aglarondan people suspicious of outlanders – anyone could be an agent of their hated enemy. Aglarond is separated from the rest of Faerûn by the plateau of Thay to the east, and the Sea of Fallen Stars on the three other sides. The lands beyond the fortress at Undumor to the Thayan borders are past the direct protection of the armies of Aglarond and are thinly populated for this reason.

The Pirate Isles lie only a hundred miles or so off Aglarond’s own western islands, but since piracy is punishable by immediate execution in Aglarond, most buccaneers give the land a wide berth. The length of water that separates Aglarond from Thesk is known as the Sea of Dlurg. This is more of a bay than a proper sea: At its narrowest point, about midway down its length, only fifteen miles separate the city of Furthinghome from Theskian shore.

There are no major ports in Aglarond; there are only coastline villages and towns suitable for fishing boats and other smaller ships.

While the fey-dominated Yuirwood covers much of Aglarond, the land between the trees and the shore consists of fertile, rolling hills that make excellent farmland. Farms are rarely more than ten miles from the shore. The half-elves who make their home under the Yuirwood’s leafy canopy discourage large-scaled settlements of the forest with a mixture of compromise, diplomacy, and the occasional veiled threat. Despite such efforts, though, the woods continue to recede every year. Grasses, shrubs, and vies quickly reclaim abandoned farmsteads, but trees are slow to return to territory stripped from the Yuirwood long ago.

As of 1479 DR, the Yuirwood is now filled with plaguelands formed in the wake of the Spellplague, filled with ruins of an ancient, long-gone eladrin civilization.


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