Organizations and Groups

Many of the secret societies and orders familiar to characters from western Faerûn, such as the Zhentarim, the Harpers or the Lords’ Alliance, have little to no influence in the lands of the Unapproachable East. The real power beyond the Easting Reach lies in the hands of organizations that are native to the area.

The Shadowmasters of Telflamm
Ruthless and sinister, the Shadowmasters are one of the most successful and widespread thieves’ guilds in all Faerûn. Shadowmasters guilds lurk in Thesk, in the Great Dale and even in Thay, scheming to plunder from commoner and noble alike. The Shadowmasters secretly rule Thesk, since many of the merchant princes who make up the land’s governing Council are either spies for, or thoroughly intimidated by, the guild.

The Red Wizards of Thay
No discussion of powerful organizations would be complete without mentioning the Red Wizards, a society of such ambition and ruthlessness that their reach extends across a continent. Red Wizard enclaves dot the shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars, exporting deadly and wondrous magic to cities and kingdoms throughout Faerûn in exchange for goods, slaves, and coin of unimaginable value.

The Circle of Leth
The Forest of Lethyr is home to one of the most powerful druidic hierarchies in all Faerûn – the followers of the Nentyarch, who traditionally governs affairs in Lethyr and the Great Dale. They are known collectively as the Circle of Leth, and they are served by the Nentyar hunters, a strong society of rangers, scouts, and warriors who carry out the commands of the druidic circle.

The Blightlords
Deep in the heart of the Rawlinswood lies a festering wound, the wreckage of Dun-Tharos, the ancient Nar capital. Here a malevolent creature known only as the Rotting Man has raised his own dark citadel, marshaling forces of corruption and evil against the surrounding lands. The Rotting Man’s handpicked lieutenants and emissaries are the blightlords, evil clerics and druids who hold the power to warp forest creatures to their sick purposes and scourge the East with Talona-sent plagues.

The Black Cult of Ahm
Built on the lore of the Black Scrolls of Ahm, this organization is devoted to recovering all the writings of Tulket nor Ahm that remain in Fearûn and to expanding its own holdings of demonic lore. Though the Black Cult of Ahm is first and foremost a scholarly organization, its leaders recognize that adventurers of all kinds are as important to the cult as researchers and loremasters because of the dangers inherent in the acquisition of demonic lore. Indeed, cultists must often journey to the far corners of the world and beyond to retrieve the knowledge they seek.

Organizations and Groups

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